Monday, July 25, 2011

kassie parker great grandma

Great Aunt Donna wanted a picture of Kassie and Parker and Great Grandma. I tried to put it on Facebook but the upload button went to stupid and kept flashing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm an Ugly Tree

 I'm so ugly a Jeep from Alaska stopped by and took my picture.
What do you think?  Is there an uglier tree? If you know of one send me the picture.  Maybe it will make me feel better. It's not my fault. when I was young I grew up in a very pretty prairie. Then one day the cow paths in front of me became graveled roads intersecting right in front of me.  I loved giving the horse and buggies shade. 
Next the cow paths became graveled roads. Then they were paved with ashphalt and strange loud sputtering machines whizzed right by never noticing how much I had grown. But I was beautiful and symetrical. 
But today I'm a mess. Rural Electric came along chopping off first my right limb, then my left limb and then a whole bunch of other limbs just so I couldn't knock down the wires off their skinny poles. 
 And here I stand looking so old and so ugly and yet my leaves come out every Spring and fall off every Fall.